Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 Announcements From ReKnew

You’ve heard whispers of a “cool new website” promising to have all the content from Greg’s old site, while also taking the blog to the next level...

You’ve caught glimpses of Greg’s vision for the site, and become eager with anticipation...

You’ve waited patiently as we postponed the launch. More than once...

You’ve started to wish the future was a little less “open”...

...and begun to wonder if the title of Greg’s next book will be “Myth of a Christian Website.”

Well, we’re excited to tell you something. is set to launch Saturday, June 30!

The ReKnew team has been working like crazy to make this happen. It’s obviously taken a lot more work than we originally thought. But baby, ready or not, June 30, here we come!

What’s that you say?
Can’t wait for June 30?
Want something a little more…now?

No problem.

ReKnew goes live on Facebook and Twitter now!

“But wait,” you say, “I’m already connected to Greg Boyd’s Facebook and Twitter.”

Fantastic. Greg will keep tweeting on his personal Twitter account. No change there. But ReKnew’s Twitter and Facebook is going to be a little different. Different posts. Different purpose.

Besides simply being a way to alert you when new content is posted to, we really hope to use ReKnew’s Facebook and Twitter as a hub for mobilizing a movement. We want to help you discover and network with other bloggers, websites, and ministries that resonate with Greg’s vision of God’s Kingdom. We also want our Facebook to be a place for the ReKnew community to meet each other, share thoughts, questions, prayer requests, articles, stories, and anything else of interest. It’s here for you. Today. And we hope you’ll be a part of it.

Please join us and be one of the first to help get this conversation started.